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Discuss website security with your clients

Sucuri shows you how to provide security services to your clients that will reduce costs, improve customer loyalty, and enhance your brand reputation.

Trusted Security Vendor To

Marketing Package for Web Service Providers

Suggested content to help you speak to your customers about security.

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  • Guide

    How to position website security for clients

  • Checklist

    Steps and tips to protect your client’s websites.

  • Email

    Content suggestions for client outreach.

  • Case Study

    Insights on how Agencies are positioning security.

Why You Should Partner with Sucuri

Help your customers secure their websites while extending your earning potential.


We offer customized onboarding, education, and a dedicated account specialist.

Set Up

No installation – we only need web server credentials and a DNS change.


You can easily add and remove sites plus modify your plan to suit your growing business needs.


Our global network mitigates DDoS attacks, traffic spikes, and alerts you to any downtime.

Protect Sites
From Hackers

We virtually patch vulnerabilities and block threats with our web application firewall.


Our onboarding options make sure your client sites are clean, with discounts on future cleanups.


Integrity monitoring alerts specific to the unique profile of each website in your inventory.


Our high-availability CDN improves performance so your clients enjoy faster page speeds.


Our cloud architecture is built with security in mind. Our growing network uses proprietary technology and state-of-the-art hardware.

Quotes from Agency Owners Like You

Jess Knollmeyer - 24 Digital

24 Digital

Jess Knollmeyer

Sucuri saved our skin! Immediately when the firewall was activated the threats stopped. The site was now protected which saved us a major headache over the weekend ... Read More

Academy of Online Mastery - Steve Woody

Academy of Online Mastery

Steve Woody

The communication with Sucuri was perfect and I have a strong confidence that should something happen in the future I have a team in place to protect me ... Read More

In Transit Studios - Josh Hall

In Transit Studios

Josh Hall

I can rest easy knowing that Sucuri can handle any problems that are over my head and that my clients’ sites are monitored and protected by the firewall ... Read More

Ana Ramirez Photography - Ana V. Ramirez

Ana Ramirez Photography

Ana V. Ramirez

Prepare for the possibility of this happening to you. I wish I had set up a firewall and auto-backup service prior and then all of this could have been avoided ... Read More

Big Spring Web Development

Julio Taylor

Sucuri knows about security issues before they become a problem – in advance. At an agency level you have a problem times 200 and you need an army to fix it ... Read More

Chubstr eCommerce store - Bruce Sturgell

Chubstr eCommerce store

JBruce Sturgell

Sucuri’s turnaround time was insane, like 1 to 2 days! When the attack hit we lost 20% of our revenue. It was a wake-up call ... Read More

List 25 - Syed Balkhi

List 25

Syed Balkhi

I am a business owner not a system admin. I needed a team and a product, like the firewall Sucuri offers, which automatically blocks anything malicious ... Read More

PM2 Consulting - Brett Knowles

PM2 Consulting

Brett Knowles

Our website being down jeopardized our largest deal of the year. A million dollars’ worth of revenue a year was at risk had this not been sorted this out by Sucuri ... Read More

Newt Labs - Steven Watts

Newt Labs

Steven Watts

An advantage with the agency plan is that it keeps you a step ahead and peace of mind that you have protocols in place for detection, protection and response ... Read More

Clarity Creative Group - David Foreman

Clarity Creative Group

David Foreman

Sucuri pays for itself in the first month. It’d take ten years of paying for your service pretty much to pay for one lead - to miss a lead because your sites hacked is a big deal ... Read More

WebMechanix SEO - Dave Brong

WebMechanix SEO

Dave Brong

Sucuri is the definitive industry leader for website security solutions, and there are certain things you should not choose a runner-up with - web security is absolutely one of those things ... Read More

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